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Phyto Placentine Ampoule


Phyto Placentine Ampoule

Designed to increase collagen, elasticity and rebuild the collagen matrix.

This product contains pure botanically derived placenta from non-genetically modified corn or soya germinative portions.
Biochemical research has shown that the peptide and amino acid distribution of phyto placentine to be almost identical to bovine or human placenta, in fact proline-hydroxyproline couple and aspartic acid in phyto placentine is almost four times higher, and leucine-isoleucine couple almost double that of bovine or human placenta.

Therefore the cell metabolism and regeneration from phyto-placentine is much higher than bovine or human placenta extracts.
The hydrating effect is also higher than that of bovine placenta without the untoward effects of animal derived placenta.

Ideal for
Dehydration, flabbiness and aging skin.

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