Sun Protector

Sun Protector

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Result of many years of research and development has resulted in a uniquely formulated product that contains no oils or waxes, which are the classic base of all creams and lotions so it looks and feels like a cream, but is not. The back bone of the formulation is a composition of specially selected Silicone that produce a very soft textured, very light, fully absorbable water proof cream-like product. Then the additional of anti-oxidant and anti-irritant set this product apart from any other sun protector in the skin care world.

The sunscreen elements in this formulation are one hundred percent natural sunscreen products. This sun protector contains Micropulverized, translucent Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to provide full UV blockage while providing the foundation base for the product.

Following are the attributes:

– It is natural.
– It is a foundation base.


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