Pueraria Candollei



This is the oral form of exactly the same active Pueraria Candollei Var Mirifica ingredients. This product is also an integral part of breast enlargement and breast firming system. When taken as directed it will enhance the effect of Hydrating masque and Firm-up in a clearly noticeable fashion. Further, it reduces menopausal symptoms and onset of premature aging.


此产品把相同活性的主成份Pueraria Candollei Var Mirifica透过口服来达到更好效果,同时也是丰胸和乳房提升系统的一个组成部分,这样按照正确的方法使用,将会与Hydrating Masque及Firm Up产生相辅相成,达到显而易见的效果。此外,本产品更可减低女性更年期的不适症状,并同时延缓老化。


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