Truly a breakthrough in anti-wrinkle technology, this triple action anti-aging, hydrating and anti-wrinkle cream is the ultimate. Based on Molecular Self Positioning (MSP) technology it penetrates the active ingredient LAVANDOX (spanish marina lavender extract) deep into the derma layers to block the muscle contractions which lead to development to fine lines that will eventually become deeper wrinkles. Along with the base of Glycosaminoglycans and urea glycolysates from seaweed, it activates the dermal and epidermal cells as it also increases production of hyaluronic acid and collagen for better hydration and firmness.


With other anti-aging ingredients which stimulate the chondroblasts to produce more chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, it provides more strength to collagen and elastin fibers. You can visually notice a reduction of fine lines in one day. With repeated use, you will notice a significant reduction in wrinkles in thirty days along with a perfectly hydrated, firmer and younger skin.


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