Cell Revewal Gel

Cell Renewal Gel


Scientifically formulated to increase cell regeneration in the basal layer by incorporating anti oxidant vitamines and their liposomes such as Vitamin A,Vitamin E,Vitamin C and Vitamin D-3. Addition of other anti oxidants such as Superoxide Dismutase and Coenzyme Q-10 increase this activity, to combat the production of free radicals which destroy ceil membrane and eventually cell destruction causing premature aging. intracellular activity is increased by addition of Phytoplacentine, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen and Elastin. Increased cell integrity is achieved by incorporation of RNA, DNA, Phytoglycolipids and Nalidone. Synergistic effect of these sixteen highly active ingredients, imparts the extraordinary effectiveness of this product, thus the results can be seen even after one time use.


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