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ALA Plus

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Uniquely formulated, 100% natural anti-oxidant blend containing Alpha Lipoic Acid (supreme anti-oxidant), wheat germ oil to provide Natural Vitamin E (Alpha, Beta, Delta & Gamma Tocopherols), soybean oil to provide isoflavonoids and (alpha and beta tocopherols) and EFA’s, Natural Vitamin A, Evening Primrose Oil to provide GLA and Grapeseed Oil to provide anti-oxidant blend will attack and destroy the harmful and disease causing free radicals that are naturally formed in your body and also from external sources, to provide your body with defense mechanism against premature aging, it helps to improve conversion of carbohydrates and glucose to cellular energy. In the past twenty years Alpha Lipoic Acid has been approved in Germany to help reduce incidents of diabetic retinopathy, neuropathy and cardiomyopathy, it helps in these areas due to it’s ability to increase blood sugar metabolism into cellular energy thus reducing glycation of proteins, stimulating nerve fibers by improving blood flow to the peripheral nerves. It has been reported that it helps in reducing chances of certain types of cancer by protecting nuclear factor Kappa-B, preventing it from activating oncogenes that eventually lead to cancer cell proliferation. In general it helps guard against disease and towards a healthier life.


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