Michelle Lazar®

Dr. Jacques Lazar

A Professional Health and Skin Products with U.S F.D.A. GMP Certification.

R&D team responsible for the development of these products consist of Cosmetic Chemists, Physical Chemists and Molecular Biologists, headed by Dr. Jacques Lazar with Degrees in Pharmaceutics, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology from prestigious Columbia University, in New York, and PhD in Nutrition.

Dr. Lazar founded Michelle Lazar international in 1983 in San Bernardino, California. The plant in San Bernardino, California is set up for manufacturing of health and skin and hair care products.

Michelle Lazar® International Profile

Michelle Lazar International has been in the business of research and development and manufacturing of premium treatment hair and skin care products for the professional markets as well as health care, food supplements, vitamin and anti-oxidant preparations both domestically and for overseas distribution since 1983 with over twenty years of experience in the field.

The research and development laboratories and the manufacturing facility are placed in a newly renovated structure encompassing 20,000.00 square feet set on a two acre parcel.

Majority of our products are manufactured and are distributed throughout Southeast Asia markets by an aggressive marketing and distribution network which distributes our products in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and China.

Number of products exported to these countries exceeds fifty, with over three hundred Sku’s.

Market trends are extremely positive to. We expect this trend to continue.

This is due impart, to increased activity in the treatment skin care market.

Very truly yours

Dr. Jacques Lazar PhD.
President, C.E.O.