Snow White Serum

Snow White Serum


Truly a breakthrough in the technology of whitening hyperpigmentation and freckles with superior anti-aging and anti-oxidative properties to destroy free radicals specially the active oxygen, while destroying preformed free radicals. This dual action product protects the skin tissue from damages of UV radiation which result in inflammatory and injurious response.Active ingredients in this product are one hundred percent botanical based as oppose to other whitening products with all chemical active ingredients. Tetrahydrocurcamin from turmeric root and its analogues protect and inhibit normal human Keratinocytes from Tyrosinase activity. Licorice root extract (Glabridin) with its whitening, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial activity adds to this action. Addition of LAZAWHITE® to this system increases the whitening and lightening properties of this product many fold. Addition of Hyaluronic Acid increases Skin hydration and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Ester – C) helps in increased collagen production.

All these natural ingredients are incorporated in a newly developed Molecular Self Positioning (MSP) technology for optimum penetration into the sites that cause melanogenesis. Correct and continued use will cause the skin to be brighter, hydrated, firmer and without unsightly pigmented cells and aging spots.


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