Phyto Meal

Phyto Meal 活性酵素营养餐

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Truly a breakthrough in meal replacement technology.

Phyto Meal combines the goodness of enzyme active and stabilized brans from nice and oats for theirs soluble and insoluble fiber and Phyto enzymes with defated and isolated proteins obtained from whey and soya along with addition of digestive enzyme to give you more than just a meal replacement.


It helps reduce fatty deposits through elimination by soluble and insoluble fibers.

It helps increase muscle mass through the use of defated soya and whey protein isolates.

It helps prevent heart attack by reducing cholesterol deposits.

It helps reduce incidents of diabetes by Phyto-Enzymes Active rice bran.

It helps reduce cramps and stomach aches by increasing your bodies digestive enzyme.

It helps prevent diarrhea by increasing the bulk to water ratios in the feces.

It helps increase body immunity by presence of tocotrienols and other anti oxidant vitamins present in stabilized rice bran and oats.


Phyto Meal是全新突破的代餐科技,结合了有益的活性酵素,稳定型米糠酵素及燕的可溶性与不可溶性的纤维,植物酵素,脱脂大豆蛋白,分离乳清蛋白,并添加消化酵素,为您提供超出代餐的好处:
~ 透过可溶性与不可溶性的纤维质,可助减少肌肪屯积。


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