Corrective Gel

Corrective Gel


Acne has always been one of the most difficult skin problems for all ages young and old throughout the world, but specially in hot and humid climates of south east Asia, and poses a great challenge for the skin care researchers and formulators. Causes of acne are many. Diet, hormonal changes during puberty and state of cleanliness of the skin are just a few. Regardless of the cause,this severe problem needs to be addressed and rectified. Benzoyl Peroxide has been used for many years and has been somewhat successful in dealing with this problem. However,addition of Salicylic Acid as an anti bacterial and Keratolytic product and Precipitated Sulfur also as an anti bacterial, anti fungal as adjunct materials to Benzoyl Peroxide has increased the activity of this product many fold. This is what we have done with our Corrective Gel, and then additional of another very strong anti bacterial agent (Triclosan) insures the complete effectiveness of this product. if acne is your problem, then the Corrective Gel offers you a radical solution.


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