Cleansing Wash

Cleansing Wash 洁面活肤乳

Product Description

Uniquely formulated mild yet thorough cleansing system using naturally derived anionic surfactants combined with Amphoterics, derived from Coconut Oil and Glutamic Acid and specially selected organic herbal extracts such as Chammomile, Burdock, Soap Bark and Horsetail extracts to increase mildness in a completely pH balanced, pearlised product that removes excessive dirt and impurities to insure a clean. smooth, moisturised, supple and radiant skin.


特别研制的温和洁净系统,采用目然提取物如从椰子油和谷氨酸获取的阴离子表面活性剂,具有多重功效, 能同时清洁、保湿、舒缓、抗过敏。 再增添特别挑选的有机草本精华,包括野甘菊、牛蒡、皂树皮租马尾草,这些成份有助平衡pH值,能清除过多的污物和杂质,确保您的肌肤干净, 光滑和柔润。


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