Balancing Oily

Balancing Toner (Oily) 神奇活肤水 (油性)

Product Description

An alcohol free formula, developed through an advanced, revolutionary technology using three different gel forming ingredients to produce a base that transforms from a gel into water in the palm of your hand to carry certified organic herbal extracts such as Whitch Hazel, Cucumber, Chammomile, Burdock and Nettle, into your skin for the most effective toning, purifying, astringent, calming and balancing action, along with Tamarind, Green Tea and Licorice extracts to lighten and brighten your skin for an unsurpassed healthy and radiant glow. Addition of Triclosan as an antibacterial agent into this formula will destroy one hundred percent of the bacteria that is the cause of out break of acne.


无酒精配方。通过革新的先进科技, 使用三种不同的凝胶组合成的原料,使本产品形成特殊的凝胶状,而在手掌中即变成液状。此机制反应有助于有效成份如金缕梅、黄瓜、野曰菊、牛蒡、荨麻等有机草本精华发挥最大效果,净化,镇静,收敛和平衡保湿的功能。同时添加罗望子,绿荼和甘草精华,能使您的肌肤更白皙,且达到无以伦比的健康与亮丽的成长。再增添三氯生,能100%的消除引起痤疮的细菌。


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