The Franchise Programme

Dinner02RPG Group Photo 2015 1st Training

We intend to have a network of Radiance Perfect Group outlets strategically located all over Malaysia. Each serving a large catchments of potential customers, from housing estates to working business districts. You’ll join an elite chain of professional skincare centers and will be surprised to find that our franchise package is not intended just for corporate growth, but to see you succeed. After all, your success is our success.


我们计划在全马住宅区与办公区内设立 Radiance Perfect Group 加盟店连锁网络。为更广大的顾客群服务。只要加入我们的专业肌肤护理中心行列,您将惊然发现,我们的特许经营方针并不仅仅限于公司的业务增长,而且帮助您成功.因为我们相信,您的成就,就是我们的成功。